• Optimize energy efficiency
  • Maximize recycling
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Comply with EPA standards

Save energy and help protect the environment with this eco-friendly MFP.
Ricoh is proud to support green initiatives by minimizing the impact of document management through innovative technology advancements applied to the manufacturing and recycling processes. Businesses that choose Ricoh can feel confident they are contributing to the goal of a more responsible, low-carbon society.

Eco-Friendly Indicator

The MP 2501SP features a new Eco-Friendly Indicator. Upon log-in, this screen displays eco-stats including the percentage of duplexed output, which helps encourage users to reduce their paper consumption. Administrators can program this screen function to display statistics for individual users or for the total population. A customized message can also be included to emphasize company printing policies.

Reduce Paper Usage

The MP 2501SP makes it easy for companies to effectively reduce paper usage with user-friendly features including Quota Settings, Preview Before Print, Layout + Booklet Print, Automatic Duplexing, a wide range of Scan-To options for electronic distribution, and an optional 250 GB Hard Drive for document storage and print on-demand capabilities.

Advanced printing modes such as Sample Print, Locked Print, Hold Print, and Store & Hold Print further help to minimize paper waste. When these features are utilized, documents are only output when the user is physically at the device, eliminating lost or misplaced documents that are left in the output tray.

Reduce Energy Consumption

Advancements in technology developed by Ricoh have provided for several features that lower the overall Typical Electricity Consumption (TEC). These features include the system's energy saver mode function, quick recovery from sleep mode and fast warm-up times.

Companies that choose the MP 2501SP also experience lower energy costs from eliminating multiple devices for faxing, copying, printing and scanning and replacing them with one go-to device.

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