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Business owners know that price isn't the only thing to consider when making their next technology investment. It’s also about what their investment can do for them, and how it can be used to increase efficiency in the workplace while reducing expenses in other areas.

The Ricoh MP 2501SP offers the best value for small business owners and workgroup environments by reducing TCO, delivering a quick ROI and improving workflow productivity. Its diverse set of features and functions provide you with a go-to communication device for printing, copying, faxing, scanning and storing of documents, all in one space-saving design.


The MP 2501SP offers several options to manage and track volume usage, helping companies to control expenses, stay within budget, ensure optimal system efficiency and eliminate the wasted expenses associated with unnecessary printing and copying.

User Codes: The system allows up to 1,000 user codes to be registered, enabling system administrators to seamlessly monitor and track device usage by individual user.

Quota Setting: Administrators have the flexibility to set print volume limits for individual users or groups, and also control access to specific MFP functions. Accumulated volumes can be checked directly at the control panel or remotely using our device management tools. Quotas can also be programmed to reset based upon a certain time interval, which reduces system management while contributing to overall efficiency and budget management.

Cost Recovery: For companies that require the ability to track and bill system usage back to a specific client, department or project, Ricoh provides several cost accounting solutions that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of different organizations.

Page Counter: Internal counters keep track of printed and scanned pages, allowing system administrators the ability to oversee total document volume.

Multifunction Capabilities

The ability to copy, print, fax, scan, and store documents on a single device lowers total cost of ownership not only by saving organizations money, but by improving workflow and allowing employees to get more done in less time, so your business runs smoother.

Consolidating to a Ricoh MFP:

  • Lowers energy costs and opens up valuable floor space.
  • Reduces business expenditures and minimizes maintenance costs by eliminating the need to purchase and manage multiple devices.
  • Streamlines tasks and reduces error, as users only need to learn one interface.
  • Speeds communications with fax and scan options, while ensuring documents with color highlights and markups are captured and shared with authenticity.
  • Provides a central location for digitally storing documents and printing

Document Server

Forms and other frequently used files can be stored directly on the MFP in a section of the hard drive called the Document Server*. By utilizing this feature, users can access a library of up to 3,000 documents, quickly retrieve a file and immediately print it. This ability to print on-demand eliminates the wasted expense associated with having outdated, pre-printed documents and frees up valuable shelf space by reducing the need for physical storage.

Users can also preview stored files as thumbnails directly from the control panel, a feature that helps ensure accuracy, reduce wasted output and minimize communication errors.

*To enable this feature, the system must be configured with the optional 250 GB Hard Disk Drive.

Wireless Networking

Ricoh MFPs utilize IEEE 802.11a/g, which allows the device to be networked wirelessly. Wireless networking means the MP 2501SP can connect to your network without having to physically connect the device through an Ethernet cable and network connection in the wall.

This feature eliminates the costly expense of installing additional network drops and enables workgroups to place the MFP in the most convenient areas of the office.

Device Management Tools

The MP 2501SP features advanced yet uncomplicated Device Management Tools that allow companies to remotely monitor a single device or a whole fleet of connected machines through one Web-based interface. With this capability, administrators don't have to physically be at the machine to check system information, change network settings or monitor supplies.

Remote management is an ideal solution for workgroup environments and satellite offices looking to increase system uptime while reducing the cost of management and maintenance.

Image Quality

The MP 2501SP offers 600 dpi image quality, delivers black-and-white output at 25 pages-per-minute and scans full-color and monochrome files with detailed accuracy.

The ability to produce high-quality, impressive documents with crisp text on diverse media types helps companies reduce their outsourcing needs and ensures the completion of more tasks
in-house, on time and on budget.

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