Ricoh MP CW2200SP
Wide Format Color Digital Imaging System

Control Panel Tour

View Side Panel

  • 1.

    Home Key

    Press to display the Home screen.

  • 2.

    Function Keys

    Provides one-step access to main system functions including Copy, Document Server, Scanner and Printer. Users also have the ability to program keys.

  • 3.

    Display Panel

    Displays keys for each function, operation status, or messages.

  • 4.

    Reset Key

    Press to clear the current settings.

  • 5.

    Program Key

    For Copier, Document Server and Scanner Mode.

    • Press to register frequently used settings, or to recall registered settings.
    • Press to program defaults for the initial display when modes are cleared or reset.
  • 6.

    Main Power Indicator

    Indicates your machine is on.

  • 7.

    Energy Saver Key

    Press to switch to and from Low Power mode or Sleep mode.

    When the machine is in Low Power mode, the Energy Saver key is lit. In Sleep mode, the Energy Saver key flashes slowly.

  • 8.

    Login/Logout Key

    Press to log in or log out.

  • 9.

    User Tools/Counter Key

    • User Tools: Press to change the default settings to meet your requirements.
    • Counter: Press to check or print the counter value.
  • 10.

    Simple Screen Key

    Press to switch to the simple screen.

  • 11.

    # Key/Enter Key

    Press to confirm values entered or items specified.

  • 12.

    Start Key

    Press to start copying, printing, scanning, or sending.

  • 13.

    Sample Copy Key

    Press to make a single set of copies or prints to check print quality before making multiple sets.

  • 14.

    Stop Key

    Press to stop a job in progress, such as copying, scanning or printing.

  • 15.

    Clear Key

    Press to delete a number entered.

  • 16.

    Number Keys

    Use to enter the numbers for copies and data for the selected function.

  • 17.

    Check Status Key

    Press to check the machine's system status, operational status of each function, and current jobs.

    You can also display the job history and the machine's maintenance information.

  • 18.

    Data In

    Indicator for printer mode.

    Flashes when the machine is receiving print jobs from a computer.

  • 19.

    Media Lamp

    Lights up when a removable memory device is inserted in the media slot or accessed.

  • 20.

    Media Slots

    Use to insert an SD card or a USB drive.

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