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Improves Ease-of-Use and Integration Capabilities with One-Button Scanning

West Caldwell, NJ, January 15, 2008 - Ricoh Americas Corporation, the leading provider of digital office equipment, today launched the newest version of its document capture and routing system – GlobalScan™ 3.0. Compatible with a range of Ricoh multifunction products (MFPs), this solution enables global corporations, government agencies and other document-intensive environments to manage high-volume document distribution more effectively and securely, and ultimately save valuable time and money.

With GlobalScan 3.0, organizations can transform their local MFPs into a key component of their document workflow by enabling users to easily navigate document capture, management, storage, and global distribution. The system can connect up to 250 MFPs through one GlobalScan server, eliminating the need for desktop scanners. By utilizing this system, documents that were historically paper-based and difficult to track are easily integrated into electronic files with “one touch” scanning that allow administrators to preset scanning to automatically route files to any folder or e-mail addresses by pressing one button. To further promote ease-of-use, all GlobalScan functions are accessible from the MFP control panel in an intuitive interface that is simple to navigate.

Enhanced optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities comes standard on GlobalScan 3.0 allowing users to easily convert hardcopy documents into a number of electronic formats. As server space becomes increasingly scarce in today’s digital age, companies are looking for alternate solutions. GlobalScan 3.0 addresses this need by allowing users to compress large documents up to 100 times using JBIG2, and turn a 200 page, 7 MB report into a 700 KB file to reduce network traffic and maximize server space. Color scanned documents are also reduced with the JPEG2000, which compresses full-color scanned documents up to 100 times without losing image quality. This compression and file support feature saves organizations money by eliminating the need for overnight delivery, fax, storage and document handling costs.

Improved security features make GlobalScan 3.0 ideal for any organization that deals with confidential data, particularly government agencies with strict regulations. With the enhanced OCR, users can turn paper documents into searchable, editable files or searchable non-editable files, depending on the nature of the document. To further increase document security a password can be enabled to make any files that reach unintended recipients unreadable and password-protected.

To add extra administration and technical support, GlobalScan 3.0 was rebuilt on the .NET platform for improved reliability and security. The new enhancements allow administrators to easily manage GlobalScan MFPs including remote configuration and firmware upgrades and permits single sign-on with third party applications. This system also supports Kerberos, which enhances network security, and VM Ware ESX server v3.0. To give administrators enhanced reliability, GlobalScan 3.0 provides failover support, including two GlobalScan servers with duplicate configurations.

Created to improve efficiency, GlobalScan 3.0 has an improved control panel with easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI). This includes a thumbnail image preview feature that allows users to see the scanned files instantly on the MFP interface to prevent errors and save time, eliminating the need to rescan. Editing is quick and easy by simply zooming in and out, rotating or panning across any scanned file to detect and fix errors right from the MFP control panel. To further add customization, GlobalScan 3.0 allows users to personalize messages by allowing users to enter a message within the e-mail body so users can share special instructions or other important details with recipients when sending electronic files.

“At Ricoh we understand that businesses today are faced with many challenges, and keeping information protected while at the same time being easy to use is extremely important to our customers when storing and managing documents,” said Hede Nonaka, senior vice president, Document Solutions and Services Division, Ricoh Americas Corporation. “We are pleased to introduce the GlobalScan 3.0 system featuring one-button scanning to help organizations easily store documents in a safe and secure environment.”

About Ricoh Americas Corporation
Ricoh Americas Corporation, headquartered in West Caldwell, N.J., is a subsidiary of Ricoh Company Ltd., the 71-year-old leading supplier of office automation equipment and electronics, with fiscal year 2006 sales in excess of $17 billion, an 8.4 percent increase over the previous year.

Ricoh Americas Corporation directly or through its network of authorized independent dealers markets and distributes products in North, Central and South America. For fiscal year 2006, Ricoh Americas Corporation sales exceeded $3.3 billion, an increase of 7.4 percent over the previous year.

Information about Ricoh's complete range of products and services can be accessed on the World Wide Web at www.ricoh-usa.com.

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