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SP 6330N

Think BIG. Get 11" x 17" capabilities in a desktop solution.
The RICOH® Aficio SP 6330N delivers the speed, versatile paper supply and convenience to handle any job from envelopes to spreadsheets. Simple, yet sophisticated, the Ricoh Aficio SP 6330N combines long-lasting All-In-One print cartridge technology with professional solution support including remote device monitoring utilities, plus an array of advanced data security features like network authentication and user access codes.

SP 6330N

Available Media

Controller Options

128 MB RAM DIMM (Type G)  Part # 402965
256 MB RAM DIMM (Type G)  Part # 414046
80 GB Hard Disk Drive (Type 2670)  Part # 406407
Gigabit Ethernet (Type A)  Part # 402547
VM Card (Type K)*  Part # 406535
Additional memory option of at least 256MB is required for the use of the SDK application
HDD Overwrite Security (Type L)  Part # 406426
IEEE 1284 (Type A)  Part # 411699
SD Card for Netware Printing (Type C) (Two SD card slots are available)  Part # 406627
Data Storage Card (Type A)  Part # 402627
HDD Encryption Unit (Type D)  Part # 403113
IPDS** (Type 6330)  Part # 406733
**Requires additional 128 MB RAM option. For environments requiring enhanced functions, 256 MB RAM option is recommended. For more advanced functionality, it is recommended the HDD option and/or additional 256 MB RAM is installed. The IPDS option will be available in April 2010. Please check with your local sales organization for the specific release date.

Hardware Accessories

Paper Feed Unit (PB 3090)  Part # 406617
Duplex Unit (Type AD610)  Part # 402343
Envelope Feeder (Type 610)*  Part # 402344
*Must be installed in an optional Paper Feed Unit.

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