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Leveraging Ricoh’s legacy of precision optics and lens technology, the business projector series provides world-class product, support, and service from a name you can trust.

Models BrightnessResolutionNetworkWeightLamp Life
PJ S22403,000 lumensSVGA---6 pounds4,500 hours
PJ X22403,000 lumensXGA---6 pounds4,500 hours
PJ WX22403,100 lumensWXGA---6 pounds4,500 hours
PJ X3351N3,500 lumensXGAYes7 pounds3,500 hours
PJ WX3351N3,600 lumensWXGAYes7 pounds3,500 hours

Ultra Short Throw
Models BrightnessResolutionNetworkWeightLamp Life
PJ WX4152N3,500 lumensWXGAYes7 pounds3,500 hours
PJ WX4152NI3,500 lumensWXGAYes7 pounds3,500 hours
PJ WX4141NI3,300 lumensWXGAYes7 pounds3,500 hours
PJ WX4141N3,300 lumensWXGAYes7 pounds3,500 hours

Models BrightnessResolutionNetworkWeightLamp Life
PJ HDC54202,500 lumensHDLimited7 pounds3,000 hours
PJ HD54503,500 lumensHDLimited7 pounds3,000 hours
PJ X54604,000 lumensXGALimited7 pounds3,000 hours
PJ WX54604,100 lumensWXGALimited7 pounds3,000 hours
PJ WX5361N4,500 lumensWXGAYes9 pounds3,500 hours
PJ X5371N5,000 lumensXGAYes9 pounds3,500 hours
PJ WU55705,500 lumensWUXGALimited14 pounds3,000 hours

High End
Models BrightnessResolutionNetworkWeightLamp Life
PJ X6180N6,000 lumensXGAYes17 pounds3,000 hours
PJ WUL62806,000 lumensWUXGALimited40 pounds20,000 hours
PJ WXL62806,000 lumensWXGALimited40 pounds20,000 hours
PJ WU6181N6,200 lumensWUXGAYes19 pounds3,000 hours
PJ WX6181N6,700 lumensWXGAYes19 pounds3,000 hours

Short Throw
Models BrightnessResolutionNetworkWeightLamp Life
PJ X4241N3,300 lumensXGAYes7 pounds3,500 hours
PJ WX4241N3,300 lumensWXGAYes7 pounds3,500 hours

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