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Ricoh Legal eDiscovery Solutions: Discover the Advantage

How is your law firm or legal department managing electronically stored information (ESI)? How are you organizing it so that lawyers can cull the data and identify relevant pieces of information? And how are you doing it all with appropriate speed—and at an appropriate cost?

At Ricoh, our approach to eDiscovery balances the benefits of the latest technology with the power of our experienced people and proven processes. We support the Electronic Discovery Reference Model by identifying critical information quickly and efficiently.

Comprehensive Capabilities. Tailored Solutions.
As we tailor an eDiscovery solution for each client, we address the following key areas:

  • Forensics. Ricoh also offers a suite of industry-leading Forensic Solutions for a variety of civil and criminal disputes, as well as corporate/employee investigations. Whether through remote collection with our patent-pending Remlox tool or a team of on-site professionals, Ricoh provides an efficient way to collect and reduce data that is forensically sound and supports a defensible process with document chain of custody.
  • Early Case/Data Assessment. After data is collected, Ricoh offers multiple ways to get an early look at the data and reduce the data set through advanced search, clustering, and analytics along with a variety of reporting options. Whether onsite through Ricoh Electronic Discovery Insight (REDI), our behind-the-firewall Early Data Analysis tool, or offsite via our ECA Portal, Ricoh has a solution that allows you to take control and reduce your data set before moving to the review platform. We also offer a team of forensic experts that can provide you with searching expertise and data analysis.
  • Processing & Production. With multiple locations across the country, Ricoh can process your ESI and create load-ready files for use in our review platforms, your in-house review platform, native productions or image productions. No project is too big or too small.
  • Hosting and Predictive Coding. Supported by our data center, Ricoh's scalable hosting and review platforms help legal teams cull, search and review documents. We offer industry-leading review applications – Relativity and Catalyst.
  • Managed Review. Ricoh offers contract attorneys in multiple dedicated review centers across the United States and London as part of its complete eDiscovery workflow model. Key components of the offering include a single point of support from data capture through production; secure review locations which include all necessary equipment, software training, secure access to the data center, screening and selection of contract attorneys, highly experienced review managers and staff oversight; and an experienced Relativity and Catalyst premium partner. Ricoh blends the just-in-time attorney staffing with its data center offering to provide expert consulting on how to best utilize the features within Relativity or Catalyst to improve your managed review experience.


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Remlox: Remote ESI Collection Tool

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