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Service Added Value

Remlox Remote Data Collection Tool

How is your organization addressing FRCP Rule 26 guidelines for electronically stored information (ESI)? If you've been engaging forensic experts to conduct on-site data collection, you may be frustrated by the steep costs and delays that you've incurred.

Ricoh Forensics has a better approach: Remlox™.

Our proprietary, patent-pending remote data collection tool creates a complete forensic image of a computer's physical hard drive—delivering a verifiable "snapshot" that captures every sector of a computer's physical media.

Remlox recovers everything from a computer's hard drive, including deleted files, and thus allows for complete verification, logging, auditing and analysis. And Remlox does it all with minimal time and expense compared to deploying forensic experts for on-site data collection.

Unique Remote Data Collection Tool

  • Acquires full, complete and forensically sound image
  • Encrypted, verifiable and tamper resistant
  • Fast, cost-effective deployment reduces the need for travel and on-site services by forensic experts
  • Full and complete forensic image created of physical hard drive even in the presence of advanced full-disk encryption
  • Forensic images created to encrypted external hard drive
  • MD5 hash verification of acquired ESI

Remlox is available only through Ricoh as part of our full suite of eDiscovery Solutions, including Early Case Assessment, Processing, and Hosting and Review. Ricoh's proven approach to eDiscovery balances the benefits of the latest technology with our people and processes—providing tools to help you quickly and efficiently identify critical information.

Remlox Brochure

Remlox: Remote ESI Collection Tool

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