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Ricoh Electronic Discovery Insight

Ricoh’s REDI interface helps make electronic data analysis simpler, smarter and more affordable.

REDI offers corporate legal departments a way to combine highly intuitive data culling, a simple user interface, an innovative cost calculator, and an affordable, behind-the-firewall method of controlling costs.

Customers deploy the REDI solution within their environment before they ever need it. At the onset of litigation, investigation or regulatory action, they can perform natural language queries and granular culling through a browser-based, intuitive interface. Queries trigger powerful analysis and identification of potentially relevant data, providing valuable insight to reduce data before it is processed and expensive review takes place.

REDI’s interactive interface allows customers to search and retrieve information by date, keywords, key phrases, file type, custodians and other parameters, refining results with Boolean connectors, in addition to wildcard and proximity searching without requiring IT support for coding/scripting of complex search algorithms. Users can quickly and easily access very large data sets and identify likely relevant information, enabling them to make appropriate decisions which may have a positive impact on the downstream costs of document review. REDI also displays detailed reports showing analysis results, data volumes involved and projected review costs, among other things – all of which assist the customer in improving litigation strategy and building a defense against overly burdensome discovery requests.

Powerful, yet cost-effective

The REDI service gives customers all the power of permanently installed eDiscovery analysis tools without the capital investment, delays and proprietary lock-ins. It offers seamless integration with other eDiscovery solutions, e.g., hosted review platforms, and eliminates the need for programming knowledge. Employing technology used in some of the most demanding ESI settings, REDI rivals the affordability of tools with a fraction of the power. And unlike software-as-a-service processing tools, REDI helps keep customer data safe and secure behind the company firewall.

Ricoh Electronic Discovery Insight is a unique combination of simplicity and power providing a simple yet innovative way to make information work for you.

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