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Information Technology

Legal Information Technology

Use Technology to Drive Competitive Advantage

Legal organizations have increasingly embraced the strategic potential of information technology. Technology is no longer "nice to have"; it's now a critical enabler of operational efficiency and competitive advantage. Ricoh offers a suite of consulting services to help your organization assess your current information technology infrastructure and processes, and then design and deploy solutions designed to squeeze out costs and inefficiency while supporting your requirements for absolute accuracy. Tap into Ricoh's expertise in:

  • Technology integration. Our consultants can help you identify and seize opportunities to better integrate your organization's IT resources—from servers and desktops to multifunction devices.
  • Document strategy assessment. Ricoh Legal solutions consultants analyze an information process and create a "map" that charts the flow of documents between people and departments throughout its lifecycle—from information capture and management to distribution and storage. Understanding and assessing that "map" is the first step toward improving productivity and reducing cost within your legal organization.
  • Workflow consulting. Our consultants are experts in identifying redundancies, bottlenecks and other factors hindering workflow speed and efficiency. We're equally skilled at designing—and deploying—best-in-class workflow solutions that help improve your business processes.
  • Billing and cost recovery. If your legal organization is typical, you may be photocopying less—but scanning and printing more. Through a cost recovery assessment, our consultants measure the current state of your recovery systems, including realization rates and write-offs. They also provide recommendations to help you increase disbursement recovery and minimize recovery administration.
  • Disaster recovery. Our consultants can help you assess the current state of your DR plan and procedures, and then address improvements as needed.
  • Capture solutions. Legal organizations are continually receiving, processing and using documents. Ricoh Legal consultants can help you determine whether and how to leverage electronic capture solutions to help you improve document management.
  • IT services. We deliver expert technical assistance and network support
  • Data governance helps to control the security of your documents
  • Multifunction devices / Output Management. Our consultants excel at analyzing a fleet of printers and multifunction devices and identifying ways to reduce costs, wring out efficiency and, ultimately, maximize your return on investment.

Ricoh Professional Services

For years, Ricoh has been providing a full suite of professional services. Our consultants have helped many organizations assess and optimize the way they use information technology at every stage of the document lifecycle: Input/Capture, Management/Layout, Output/Distribution and Storage/Archival.

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