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Patient Chart Scanning

Do you need a prescription for your health records?

Paper patient charts are a leading cause of data use errors, workflow bottlenecks, and slow billing and revenue collection. Treat these symptoms with Ricoh's patient chart scanning solutions, which are standards-based healthcare workflow software:

  • Scans and digitizes hardcopy records
  • Enables digital health records to be placed in electronic patient folders or an electronic medical record (EMR) system
  • Ability to bypass the PC
  • Installs on Ricoh's multifunction printers and copiers (MFPs)
  • Scan at point of service, on demand, by the batch or back file, whatever process fits your needs

Capture critical medical information and improve workflow
With our customized patient chart scanning solutions, you can get exactly what you need. No compromises or workarounds, which are typical with off-the-shelf solutions. Regardless of the size of your clinic or hospital, you can digitize medical records—up to 50 pages per minute—using an intuitive touch screen that guides you through the clinical workflow process.

Are you spending too many hours a day managing paper records?

With data/document needs doubling, on average, every 20 months, the prognosis isn't good. Instead, turn hardcopy charts, consent forms, lab results, prescriptions and other documents into viewable information. No matter where you are on the EMR adoption curve, you can reduce administrative costs, improve access, save floor space, and speed up billing.

Relax, you've got an electronic paper trail
You know how difficult it is to prove compliance with paper records. You don't really know who accessed or shared confidential information. Our patient chart scanning solutions automatically log who did what: scanning, accessing, printing, emailing, and so on. Streamline audits, and give your nervous system a break.

On call, all the time
Some companies install and run. Not us. The Ricoh's IT services team is on call. We support your patient chart scanning solution, and we offer expertise and tools that help secure clinical data and reduce the chance of penalties for improper information handling.

Integrate paper-based documents into your EMR

  • Ricoh Patient Chart Scanning Solutions

    Find out how people, process and technology help you achieve paperless workflow.

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