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Human Resources

Human Resources

Is your employee lifecycle management process as efficient as you would like?

Ricoh Healthcare's solutions for human resources are designed to help you optimize your employee lifecycle management process. Ricoh’s efficiency solution for human resources saves time and money by automating your human resources document management process. After we document your unique process, we design a customized solution to suit your department’s unique needs.

Ricoh’s efficiency solution for HR is designed to:

  • Provide fast access to documents at head office and remote locations
  • Eliminate manual filing of documents and reports
  • Increase information security
  • Track document revisions so the latest version is always available
  • Comply with regulations, policies and procedures
  • Reduce document distribution time
  • Cut the cost of storage, supplies, couriers and faxing

We are always doing more with less. Can Ricoh help us reduce costs and be more efficient?

Document efficiency is one of the things we do best. Let our experts help you determine which solutions can help save money and still get the job done right.

  • Document centralization
  • HR process re-engineering
  • Reduced storage and shipping costs
  • Lowered productivity costs — time spent on copying, e-mailing, faxing and filing
  • Reallocation of HR generalist time

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