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Health Information Management

Health Information Management

Are you meeting the government and industry requirements for patient data collection and secure information sharing?

As the expectations for patient data collection and secure information sharing increase, you, as an HIM professional, play a critical role in data and documents by capturing, using, and maintaining accurate healthcare data. With the requirement for EHR adoption, today's HIM professional must deal with more data and a higher degree of management, monitoring, and control capabilities. We offer solutions to help you digitize and automate the collection, distribution and management of patient information.

HIM/EDM — Decentralized activities, centralized management, release of information, chart completion, and document imaging.

  • Forms processing
  • Archive and retrieval
  • Data warehousing software
  • Document distribution
  • Business process management

Is your current record administration process giving you a good return on investment?

  • Cut costs associated with photocopying, faxing or using courier services to transport patient information
  • Reduce physical storage requirements
  • Significant decrease in record administration and reduction in staff requirements
  • Multiple solutions customized for you organization and your budget

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