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The Ricoh Federal Team understands how vital National security is in this digital age.

RICOH understands how vital trust and security are in this digital age. We know it is critical that your documents and data do not fall into the wrong hands. That is why we offer multiple lines of defense to help you protect the information that flows through your Ricoh multifunctional products (MFPs), printers and facsimiles. Our systems feature built-in technologies that offer strong protection for your data. Ricoh also offers a portfolio of optional technologies and professional services that take document and data protection to an entirely new level.

Security is the number one concern of IT professionals – whether the reason is to safeguard information necessary for national security, protect intellectual property, or comply with federal regulations.

To address this concern, Ricoh offers Ricoh-engineered MFPs and printers are equipped with proprietary software to control machine functions. This standard design feature forms an imposing line of defense against unauthorized users looking to extract documents or data.

Of course, Ensuring security requires correct settings and implementation in your specific environment. Ricoh makes sure that customers recognize the importance of security, and supports them so that they can use our products in the correct security settings.

Common Criteria Certification (CCC)

Ricoh provides network and device security white papers that detail how information is secured on devices as well as on the network. For ISO 15408 Certified Options and Systems, Ricoh provides Common Criteria Certificates as well as Testing Validation reports. Customers may use the white papers, the certificates and the reports in their Information Security Plans to demonstrate the reasonable effort has been made to safeguard data and other proprietary assets.

Many Ricoh products meet U.S. federal government compliance requirements — including the Common Criteria Certification. Ask your Ricoh Federal Account Manager for details or contact us.

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