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Westbrook Profile:

Together, Westbrook and Ricoh are a one-stop shop for businesses looking to efficiently control and manage their corporate content or documents. Fortis and FortisBlue content management software enable users to integrate with installed software platforms and automate workflow on business processes that are document intensive and compliance-centric. Westbrook augments Ricoh's product and solutions portfolio with full-featured content management software. In addition, Westbrook understands the revenue needs and commercial opportunities and focuses on supporting Ricoh's activity in the field. Westbrook provides a feature-rich content management solution with successes across the United States and internationally in virtually every vertical and horizontal application.

Westbrook and Ricoh bring solutions to businesses and ultimately solve customer problems. The partnership brings value to customers in that both companies focus on their strengths and not just pushing products. In addition, Westbrook and Ricoh provide clients "peace of mind" with their document management needs by becoming a one stop shop with extensive knowledge of solution components or product offerings.


Fortis™ is a powerful enterprise content and document management software solutions that electronically capture, store, and organize documents, data, and images. The software enables immediate and reliable access to critical information whenever and wherever it's needed. Learn More

FortisBlue™ is a cost-effective way to get the benefits of a state-of-the-art content management system geared to the needs of smaller organizations. If you need additional capabilities later, apply the purchase price of FortisBlue Express to an upgrade to FortisBlue. Learn More

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