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ROI Print Manager Profile:

ROI Print Manager ROI Print Manager provides customers with detailed user-level printing intelligence to support the design and implementation of the perfect print strategy. Companies using ROI Print Manager software, empowered with factual information, have benefited from the elimination of excess printers, the reduction of paper and energy consumption, and identifying and eradicating wasteful printing habits. This process of effective user management and education ensures the most efficient printer fleet utilization and delivers substantial cost savings.

With Ricoh's services-led approach and ROI's software solution as the foundation of an effective print strategy, we are able to deliver together a true managed document service offering that creates more efficient user workflow, reduces costs and mitigates waste in a time where customers are desperate to do just that.


ROI Print Manager is an enterprise level software application that continually inventories users' printing activity, manages print choices and provides ongoing education. Learn More

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