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Ricoh Partner & Alliance Community

Partner Program

The Ricoh Partner & Alliance Community includes carefully selected companies whose proven best-of-breed technologies and services allow us to deliver innovative solutions that provide quick, tangible value to our clients. We choose alliance partners who support the strategic business goals of Ricoh and our clients, share our vision for helping customers win, and seek a mutually beneficial long-term relationship. Our program levels are purposely designed to ensure the fit is right for both of us: we want this to be a win-win-win – you, Ricoh and the customer.

Strategic Partner

As Strategic Partners, we'll have a real meeting of the minds, a shared vision for how we help customers win, and a mutual investment in the long-term relationship. Because Strategic Partners invest in us, we invest in them, giving them full access to everything we can offer in marketing, sales, training and technical support. We assign Strategic Partners a dedicated alliance manager to ensure our relationship grows and delivers continuous value.

Business Partner

Our largest number of partners joins us at the Business Partner level. These partners offer a wide range of sales, service and support solutions that are often part of larger, fully integrated Ricoh solutions. As such, they deliver critical technologies, services and support our customers need. These partners may also be key suppliers or niche specialists. There are two levels of Business Partners, Platinum and Gold, with various go-to-market plans.

Ricoh Development Program (RiDP)

RiDP offers a three-tier membership model designed to meet the varying requirements of commercial developers. Each of these tiers offers differentiated access to development tools, engineering support, technical resources and training, and includes a wide range of marketing benefits to help commercial developers market their products in the most successful way. Read more about the RiDP Program

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Partner Program Guide

  • Download our Partner Program Guide for more detailed information:

    Program Guide

Ricoh Developer Program