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Objectif Lune Profile:

Objectif Lune develops simple, effective and enjoyable software helping companies communicate better with their customers. Objectif Lune creates new ways of composing, processing, delivering, tracking and storing any business document, independent of hardware compatibility and with full automation capability.

Combining Objectif Lune software with Ricoh software, hardware and services, Ricoh can offer a more complete solution – one that is more likely to address a problem from start to finish, rather than simply a pain point in the middle. Objectif Lune and Ricoh have a long standing relationship that has led to a very large install base of software for Ricoh customers. This spans office and production, managed services and global accounts – running on the majority of models of Ricoh printers/MFPs. Ricoh and Objectif Lune both have global operations and work together in many countries supporting small business to multinational corporations.


PlanetPress Suite is a powerful document composition and workflow automation application for the transactional and trans-promotional markets. Fast, easy to use, designed to work in a wide range of customer environments, and capable of driving virtually the full range of Ricoh hardware, PlanetPress offers customers many ways to optimize their processes and automate their workflows, while personalizing their print messaging at the same time. Learn More

PrintShop Mail is a robust, easy to use document composition and data merging tool for the promotional and marketing space. Additionally, a software tool for creating postcards and mail merge letters rapidly, with rules driven dynamic elements to tailor the message and built in optimization to print large jobs fast. PrintShop Mail is great fit in the quick print, CRD type of environment. Learn More

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