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Kofax Profile:

Kofax Kofax and Ricoh combine a comprehensive software solution of Smart Process Applications with global consulting and delivery capabilities to dramatically transform and simplify the business critical First Mile™ of real time, information intensive customer interactions. In doing so, organizations can significantly increase their responsiveness to customers, provide a higher level of service, gain competitive advantage and better manage and grow their businesses while also greatly reducing operating costs.


Kofax Capture™ is a powerful platform that provides a standard and consistent process for securely capturing all types of inbound documents and information at the perimeter of the organization or wherever they are received. Learn More

Kofax Front Office Server™ Using devices like multifunction peripherals (MFPs), network scanners, smartphones or tablets, Kofax Front Office Server™ extends existing business processes to customer-facing employees. By simply dropping documents into a feeder or taking a picture, they can initiate transactions, workflows and capture processes at the earliest point of contact.

Kofax Transformation Modules™ (KTM) is an integrated platform of applications that streamline the transformation of different document types into structured electronic information, ready for delivery into business systems and processes. Learn More

Kofax Communication Server™ enables the automated exchange of information among devices such as MFPs, fax and phone systems and applications such as ERP and CRM systems and Kofax Capture.

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