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Fasoo Profile:

Fasoo Fasoo has been successfully building its worldwide reputation as an enterprise DRM (Digital Rights Management) solution provider with industry leading solutions and services since 2000. Fasoo Enterprise DRM allows organizations to prevent unintended information disclosure or exposure, ensure a secure information-sharing environment, better manage workflows and simplify secure collaboration internally and externally. Fasoo has successfully retained its leadership in the enterprise DRM market by deploying solutions for more than 2,000 projects in an enterprise-wide level, securing more than 2 million users and is seeing continuous improvement in its global market position, based on its unique technology, ongoing R&D and strategic approach to comprehensive product capabilities. Fasoo's ultimate goal is to provide customers with more robust and scalable data and software security to liberate people and businesses from various risks and constraints in their digital life and business.

Ricoh's best in class technologies along with the Fasoo Enterprise DRM security solution will help protect and manage your valuable assets in the ever changing digital world.


Fasoo Enterprise DRM (Digital Rights Managemt) is a file-based security solution that prevents the exposure of sensitive and confidential files by trusted insiders, business partners, customers and unauthorized people. Fasoo Enterprise DRM protects, controls, and traces sensitive files containing intellectual property, trade secrets, PII, and more. It maintains file protection and prevents unintended information disclosure no matter where it is.

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