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Access Profile:

access For more than a dozen years, Access has provided electronic forms (e-forms) management, automation, and workflow software solutions for hospitals and healthcare organizations worldwide. Its products include Formatta from Access an e-form suite for businesses to capture and transfer electronic data. By creating paperless and paper-light processes to improve work environments, Access is allowing organizations to communicate more effectively with their employees, customers and vendors.

The Access and Ricoh partnership brings together expertise in hardware and software, enabling healthcare organizations the ability to integrate electronic patient signatures, and e-forms with paperless forms and workflow. In addition, the partnership empowers organizations to remove paper from their complex business processes by providing paperless solutions and services to help optimize and streamline workflow.


Formatta from Access is based on a simple, yet compelling idea that can be expressed in one word: engage. An MFP document capture solution that enables MFP users to engage their business systems and processes delivers superior value to customers. www.formatta.com

Ricoh Electronic Forms Management for HealthCare Ricoh brings together best-in-class products, software and integration expertise to tailor an Electronic Forms Management solution that can help to increase productivity and efficiencies in your organization. Learn More

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