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Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool

Recognizing Environmental Performance

General Overview

What is EPEAT?

Making a “green decision” Easier with EPEAT

The EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) is a comprehensive environmental procurement program based on IEEE 1680 International Standards. It includes a rating of various environmental criteria on products and environmental programs to help identify greener imaging equipment and other electronics devices. The program includes energy efficiency, take-back programs for equipment, packaging and consumables, reduction/elimination of environmentally sensitive substances, and other important environmental attributes.

EPEAT was first implemented in 2006 with Computer and Displays (IEEE 1680.1 standard), and has now expanded to Imaging Equipment under the IEEE 1680.2 standard from January 2013.

There are three levels of EPEAT status based on number of criteria met by each product.

Meets all the Required”  and over 75% of “Optional” criteria Gold - meets all the "Required" and over 75% of “Optional” criteria

Meets all the Required”  and over 50% of “Optional” criteria Silver - meets all the "Required" and over 50% of “Optional” criteria

Meets all the “Required” criteria (33 criteria) Bronze - meets all the "Required" criteria (33 criteria)

For the complete list of Ricoh’s EPEAT-registered product, please visit here.


Ricoh Involvement

Ricoh has been engaged in the standard development process for imaging equipment and has had the opportunity to work with various stakeholders to help achieve green procurement from a holistic approach. We continue to work closely with our business partners in order to evaluate and improve our products and services and to provide our customers with greener imaging equipment.

Ricoh is committed to offering “EPEAT-registered” imaging devices and creating a greener partnership with our customers in the U.S.A

For more information about the EPEAT Imaging Equipment Program, please visit: www.epeat.net


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