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To ensure that our products are environmentally responsible, we are promoting (1) energy conservation and global warming prevention, (2) resource conservation and recycling.

Energy Conservation / Prevention of Global Warming

In addition to hardware solutions, Ricoh offers wide array of software solutions to meet your goals in reducing energy saving from your Ricoh devices. On average, imaging equipment is actually in operation (copying, printing, etc.) only few percentage of typical business hour. That means those devices spend majority of time in “idling” condition. All Ricoh imaging equipment is equipped with advanced power management modes, but it is important to keep such modes fully utilized in order to minimize your environmental impacts.

Ricoh introduces @Remote Green Report – a powerful reporting tool to monitor Ricoh devices’ power management modes as well as duplex printing/copying volume, allowing customer to evaluate their environmental impact reduction activity in real-time. If IT-Admin needs to change devices’ timer settings remotely to improve environmental performance, WebSmartDeviceMonitor provide a simple tool to do so.

For more information about @Remote Green Report and WebSmartDeviceMonitor, please visit the following sections

Resource Conservation /Recycling

According to Ricoh’s internal LCA (Life-Cycle-Analysis) study, paper consumption at customer’s site is one of the biggest environmental impacts, along with energy consumption from imaging equipment during use. According to Berkeley National Laboratory, 17Wh* of energy is consumed in manufacturing of a sheet of paper from virgin material (12Wh from 100% recycled paper as a source).

CO2emissions over the lifecycle of Ricoh products

Ricoh offers imaging equipment with features which enables practical paper consumption reduction such as high-speed duplex and “easy to use” combined print/copy which could reduce paper consumption up to 75% (duplexing and 2-up (2 images on one page) printing of 8-page original document only uses 2 sheets as opposed to 8).

Also Ricoh provides wide variety of software solutions to support customers in becoming paperless(ish) office environment. Scan to e-mail, electronic file cabinets, rule-based printing are some of our proven solutions for paper consumption reductions. For more information, please visit the following sections:

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