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Desktop Printer Recycling Program

Consumer Information

Keeping in line with Ricoh's long-standing practice of responsible environmental stewardship, we offer customers convenient recycling options for Ricoh desktop printers, scanners and facsimile machines. The Ricoh Nationwide Desktop Printer Recycling Program is free and easy to use, and our program operates in accordance with all 50 State recycling laws. To recycle a Ricoh desktop printer, scanner or facsimile, simply follow the link below.

Ricoh believes in protecting the environment. That includes keeping its products out of landfills. Ricoh is proud to say that all its manufacturing plants practice zero-waste-to-landfill principles whereby products are designed and built with reuse in mind and all end-of-life materials are recycled properly. This practice promotes efficient use of resources, improves efficiency along production lines, saves on waste disposal costs and furthers the importance of environmental protection.

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