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Environment Awards

Time and again, Ricoh is recognized for its achievements in the areas of air and water pollution, ozone layer depletion, global warming, and toxic waste. In particular, Ricoh has been acknowledged by the U.S. EPA for its pivotal contributions to the success of the Energy Star program.

World Environmental Center (WEC) awarded the Ricoh Group the Gold Medal for its International Achievement in Sustainable Development. An independent jury of distinguished international environmentalists awards the prestigious WEC Gold Medal annually to a corporation that demonstrates preeminent leadership and contributes to worldwide environmental quality. (May 2003)

Financial Times listing of the "Worlds Most Respected Companies", ranked Ricoh #7 among CEOs-Companies that best manage and effect environmental resources (Dec. 2001)

The U.S. and European Business Councils for Sustainable Energy "Climate is Business" award for our efforts in protecting the global climate, presented at COP7* meeting (Nov.2001)

* 7th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Innovest's "EcoValue 21" Environmental Rating ranked Ricoh #1 out of 11 companies with an AAA rating for demonstrating a balance between business and environmental conservation (July, 2001)

Council on Economic Priorities (CEP) "Environmental Stewardship Award", presented at CEP's 14th Corporate Conscience Awards (June, 2001)

International Energy Agency (IEA) World's First "Copier of the Future" award to the new 35 ppm MFP ( November, 1999)

Energy Star "Excellence in Consumer Education" for the year 2000

Energy Star "Labeling Partner of the Year" for the year 2000

Energy Star "Office Equipment Partner of the Year" for 5 consecutive years

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