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Section 508 Compliance

Working Toward A Higher Standard

Ricoh Mission:

The Ricoh accessibility mission is to be the leading provider of accessible document imaging products. Ricoh wants to enable the workgroup office environment to maximize their productivity through the use of accessible technology. Using software utilities and networked solutions, Ricoh will streamline document workflow, as well as make advanced features accessible to all.

Ricoh Corporation has engaged Georgia Tech Research Institute to assist in establishing a higher standard of compliance with Section 508. Georgia Tech has developed an assessment methodology to assist manufacturers and procurement officials in determining the accessibility of Electronic and Information Technology (E&IT) products. Ricoh believes that accessibility is equivalent to a more productive, user-friendly product. To this end, Ricoh will inaugurate accessibility standards that help users maximize the accessibility of office automation technology.

Ricoh Design Philosophy for Accessibility

  • Accessibility should be considered from the beginning and incorporated into the core requirements of the device.
  • Accessibility features should be configured to enhance overall functionality - not restrict it.
  • Design process should include accessibility and usability evaluations, and schedule should allow for iteration of design to accommodate results of evaluations.
  • Compatibility with personal assistive technologies and devices commonly used by impaired users.
  • Accommodations for all the major single-impairment conditions.

Product Compliance Status

To meet the requirements under Section 508, we have established product compliance evaluation protocol. Our evaluation is based upon the following methods:

  • Checklist Evaluation: over 250 checklist items derived from Section 508, Access Board Standards, and other human factors standards and guidelines
  • Usability Evaluation: simulating a variety of common tasks performed by users with various impairments

Please select a product below to view the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT), to learn about its compliance. Please check back with us as we frequently update this website.

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